• From £299.99

    • 16" W165 DRS (Sat, DVB,DVD). £299.99
    • 18.5" L186 DRS (Sat, DVB, DVD). £349.99
    • 21.5" L216DRS (Sat, DVB, DVD). £399.99
    • 23" L236DRS (Sat, DVB, DVD). £419.99

    HD TV and Satellite reception + DVD player. One of the best TV systems that we supply and fit to Motorhomes

  • Supplied & Fitted from £499

    Available from 50W to 180W panels.

    Supply and fit, free survey at our workshops.

    Very popular option for Motorhomes. Solar panels supplement the battery's charge and come into their own when the motorhome is not in use, by trickle charging the batteries.

    Most Motorhome users upgrade the leisure Battery with a more substantial battery. Or TWO identical batterys are fitted for extra capacity / durability. Again the Solar panel can prolong the life and usage of the battery.

  • From £365

    Refillable LPG gas bottles.

  • A full range of bike racks to fit all motorhomes.

  • From £110.00

    The Banner Energy Bull is THE special battery for hobbies and leisure, an area in which the demands on modern, long-time discharge batteries are constantly increasing. Excellent cyclical resistance and easy charging form the basis. Moreover, comfort maintenance, leak protection and operational reliability are more important than ever and have therefore been greatly improved.

    As fitted by Autotrail & Bailey Motorhomes.

    Free Battery survey (split charge system and battery condition) at our workshops.

  • From £499 Single lens reversing camera, choice of 5" or 7" LCD screen
  • A choice of 3.5m, 4m or 4.5m fitting available.

  • Supply and fit from £329

  • £334.99 Suitable for Motorhomes, Cars and Carvans. Includes Lifetime free map upgrades.
  • Full Installation From £1,499

    Self contained in a waterproof dome, the multi satellite system come in 30cm or 40cm dish. It has its own multisat controller and can output directly to a freesat TV (Avtex).

    • Static or in motion system.
    • 30cm or 40cm dish.
    • Single or twin LNB with or without auto-skew.
  • Fully Fitted from £1,799

    • From 40cm to 80cm dish
    • Twin or single LNB
    • With or without auto-skew.
    • Internet systems also available.

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