Banner Energy Bull 135 AH



Type 959-01

For anyone who really depends on their batteries, we believe that Banner models are amongst the very best you can get.

Banner makes its lead acid leisure batteries to very high standards, with thicker plates, more lead and advanced construction methods. The result is extra power and longer life when subjected to long periods of use as a domestic power source with good tolerance to cycling.

They are ideal for use with fast charging equipment such as our CTEK battery-battery chargers.


  • Battery type: Maintenance-free (Any wet lead-acid battery that is described as maintenance free has to conform to certain standards. It may require topping up with water if the battery is used in ways that do not conform to those standards - this often happens when batteries are used for domestic / leisure purposes.)
  • Ah capacity at 20 hr rate: 115Ah
  • Ah capacity at 100 hr rate: 135Ah
  • Dimensions in mm L x W x H: 350x175x230
  • Weight: 27.6 Kgs
  • Warranty: 3 Years

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