Bike Racks

A full range of bike racks to fit all motorhomes.

  • £310.00


    It is the telescopic bike carrier, the longer version of PRO line allows highly adjustable upper structure for better stability. The structure in rounded tube is easily adjustable from 80 to 150cm in height to fit different installation possibilities. 


    It is the compact and classic bike carrier, the short version of the Pro line is installed under the rear window while still allowing it to open.

  • £119.95

    Standard Garage System - 2 Bike System


    Bike carrier with lower section fastened to the floor and Bike-Block fixed to the wall or to the roof. Carries up to 3 bikes. Can be folded up when not in use giving more floor space if required. Standard delivered with:

    Upper section including 

    • 2 Bike-Block Pro Red (1 and 3). Lower section including
    • Folded structure
    • 2 Rail Strip.

    Contact us for an installation quote - 01460 234848

  • £349.00

    Easy to use


    Sliding bike carrier to install in the garage facility or storage compartment boxes of the motorhome. Improved version with wider loading surface. Only 7,5 cm high, adjustable in height from min. 8,5 cm to max 12,7 cm. Patented slide system. The lower rail is screwed into place, while the upper rail slides onto the track system thanks to self-lubricating steel bearings nylon covered, mounted with ball-bearings. Equipped with safe hook for both positions, closed and open.

    Standard delivered with: …

  • £329.00

    200 DJ DUCATO > 06 2006

    This version allows the installation of the rail support base in two different positions, one standard and one lower to make it easier to load the bikes. Lower version must be used together with the licence plate holder bar with regulation lights, Licence Plate Carrier. 

    New articulated brackets for a quicker removal of the bike carrier.

    Fiat Ducato after 06/2006

    200 DJ DUCATO < 06 2006

    Fiat Ducato after 2000 and before 06/2006

    Peugeot Boxer after 2000

    Citroen Jumper/Relay after 2000

    Mercedes Sprinter …

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