Earn money from your motorhome

Have you ever wondered how people afford new motorhomes? You can earn money whilst owning the motorhome of your dream. Using your motorhome as an asset is the best way of being able to enjoy amazing holidays with a true sense of freedom. If you have a motorhome which is unused for a large part of the year or if you dream of owning a motorhome but can't afford it, let us help you.

We are a family run company with our own motorhome fleet. We do however receive many more enquiries than we are able to fulfil from our own motorhomes, so rather than turn the bookings away we would like to give you an income.

Bookings are taken on our up to the minute website or over the telephone at our normal rates as published on our website and managed by us from enquiry to collection date. We offer two options of service; either Full Managed or Part Managed.

Part Managed

We will generate bookings from our steady flow of enquires. Organise the hire fees and you receive payment 14 days prior to the hire start date. We will produce a rental agreement, arrange the self drive hire insurance and negotiate any extras you would like to offer (delivery/ bedding). You will ensure the vehicle is cleaned and serviced before each hire. Oversee the handover and return of each vehicle and liaise with the hirer during their hire if necessary.

Fee: You receive 65% of the hire fee

Fully Managed

At an agreed date you will deliver your motorhome to our depot we will then undertake the management of the vehicle as if it was our own vehicle. In addition to the part managed vehicle we will valet/pre hire preparation, oversee the hand over and return of the vehicle with the hirer, '1st call' for clients when they are away in your vehicle & ensure your vehicle is insured whilst with us to an agreed amount whilst on hire and in our depot.

Fee: You receive 50% of the hire fee


Your motorhome should be a maximum of 4 years old and in excellent condition. We need a variety of different styles, sizes and layouts. Rentals vary according to season and size. Prices per motorhome vary with regard to size/ age / make we will advise you on an individual basis. Once registered with us just let either Ron or Sarah know when your motorhome is available and let us do the rest.

To find out more use our enquiry form to send us some basic information, and we will call you back for a short, informal, no-obligation chat. Or just give us a call on 01460 234848 or 07979 363340